Vacation Checklist

ID cards and important papers

  • valid identity card / passport
  • debit card, credit card (note numbers for credit card / SIM card blocking)
  • travel document and airline tickets in purse
  • insurance papers, possibly baggage insurance, travel cancellation insurance, international health insurance (note the emergency number of the travel insurance)
  • driver's license
  • mobile roaming
  • chargers / You do not need a Travel Adapter in Bulgaria if you live in Germany


  • house key
  • cash
  • medicines (eg for travel sickness or for allergies, probiotic)
  • sun and after-sun cream
  • travel guide and dictionary in suitcase
  • case weight tested? (You can find the free baggage allowance in your plane ticket)


  • organize pet supplies or request pet entry requirements
  • make important payments / transfers
  • change or unsubscribe newspaper
  • gas and water main cock turned off
  • empty the trashbin

Tips for traveling with small children

  • vial and possibly pacifier
  • diapers and panties to change
  • wet cleaning wipes and paper tissues
  • little favorite toy
  • 1-2 picture books
  • fruit juice or children tea for the flight
  • fruit and vegetable glasses for a meal
  • Biscuits or the like for nibbling