Dear clients,

we would like to inform you gladly, that Albena is starting the season. We are starting on 29.05.2020 with Kaliakra Beach and Kaliakra Mare. On 15.06.2020 we are opening Maritim Paradise Blue and on 19.06.2020 Primasol Ralitsa Superior, Primasol Ralitsa Aquapark and the villas. On 19.06.2020 we will open the Aquapark also. The clients that have book hotel, that is due for later opening will be transferred free of charge in a hotel with better category and/or higher price as an upgrade.

Wе have attached a picture of the beach in Albena to show you how we managed to rearrange the umbrellas in order to give our clients the maximum possible space on the beach. Please note that the distance between the umbrellas is 7 meters, which is more than enough. we would like t to assure you that there will be a limitation from the services that our mutual clients have booked initially. Below we are posting some of the most important measures that are already planned and started to ensure the safety of our guests.

  • No limitations on the beach and pool usage. All pools and the Aquapark will work and will be sanitized regularly according to the rules of our ministry of health and the relevant international regulations.
  • No limitations in the all-inclusive concept at all! There will be more room between the tables and the food will be served behind special transparent shields, but the quality, quantity and assortment of the food will be the same or even better than the last year.
  • No compromises with the cleanliness of the rooms. We have developed a special schedule for housekeeping and the disinfection of all rooms, elevators, lobbies, lavatories and every possible facility that the guests may use.
  • We have a Chief Sanitary Inspector in our team who oversees all regulations issued by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) and the Ministry of Health to keep our procedures up to date.
  • Each vehicle arriving at Albena Resort will be disinfected (tires and chassis) before crossing the entrance barrier. Sanitation will be performed by our employees using Disinfectant Backpack Sprayers. We shall also monitor the body temperature of each person entering the resort. In case it exceeds 37 ° C, local health authorities will be notified in order to receive instructions which are to be followed strictly in dealing with such cases. If the person is part of a group arriving by bus, each passenger in the group will also have to wait patiently and follow the instructions given.
  • Vehicle disinfection officers, as well as those measuring the temperature of the guests entering Albena, will be provided with the necessary protective equipment.
  • When the guests enter the hotel of their choice, their body temperature will be measured again, then guests will be offered to disinfect their hands using specially designed dispensers. If during the second check of temperature it exceeds 37 ° C, local health authorities will be notified again and the guests will be isolated in a separate room determined by the management and wait for the arrival of medical care unit.
  • All hotel staff will be provided with the necessary protective equipment.
  • Front office administrators will not allow crowds of guests; social distancing will be enforced for those waiting in line in the lobby.
  • Front desk work surfaces shall be disinfected after each guest registration.
  • While sanitizing the hotels, the main focus will be on the bathrooms highly touched surfaces - remote controls, lighting switches, doorknobs, etc.
  • The dirty linen and towels will necessarily be handled by the housekeeping staff and in no case should guests place them on the floor.
  • Guests will be offered to disinfect their hands using specially designed dispensers before entering the restaurants.
  • The restaurant staff will make sure there is no crowding and all guests are accommodated at the required distance from each other. All employees will be provided with the necessary protective equipment. After every meal, the restaurant will be disinfected - floor, tabletops, chairs. The surfaces of the buffet, the restaurant's bar counter and other utensils for serving food and drinks will be disinfected as well. Sanitation will be made on all vending machines with emphasis on highly touched surfaces as buttons.
  • All means of transportation within Albena Resort will be disinfected using Disinfectant Backpack Sprayers. Disinfection will be performed several times during the day and at the end of each shift.
  • The roads in the resort will be washed and disinfected daily. All benches on the alleys and the beach road will be disinfected as well. After collecting the litter and beach waste, the bins will also be disinfected with disinfectant spray.
  • there will be a double decaracisation of the lawns in the resort, the stadiums and the beach. Mosquito spraying will also be carried out.
Albena Beach may 2020